The Unlife - part one

We are the Unliving Ones. Our bodies are made of flesh and arcane machinery, bound together at cellular level.  In fact, we do not comprehend most of the technology of our organisms.

No one knows our exact origin. We do not breed - thus, it seems that our numbers are finite. But sometimes the Seekers find some of us, sleeping in some kind of stasis, deep down under the City, in What Lies Below.

Our nutrition requirements are very low and we can exist for decades, even centuries - if nothing kills us.

But despite the general sturdiness and longevity, we are empty, dead inside. Stripped of most emotions, which characterized the long-gone humans. Yet, we are self-aware and even though most of us remain in semi-vegetative state, we value our existence - maybe because we are here for the City, just as the City is here for us.

We do believe that the phenomenon, which destroyed the world one thousand years ago, was our beginning. The Fall ended the old order, destroyed the Hollow Ones - and probably destroyed humans as well. Or at least most of them, along with their social structures, most of knowledge, namely their entire civilization.

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