Progress report 08/2021


The initial progress report for August was posted on World of Ortix blog but it was a long time ago, in terms of things that are already done!

  • All 432 Emblems are done. They are divided into 72 different categories, one for most of the setting's descriptions.
  • The mockup above is still WIP - but it shows how I want to make the character creation section of the book.
  • Manuscript's length oscillates around 200 A5 pages. As most of the entries are divided into separate pages for the sake of readability (for me - I don't want to get lost in my own texts, haha), there is still some room for adding more/better descriptions without further bloating the manuscript.
  • Some content was kicked out - some locations were just pretty weak, also I cut off most of the minor deities, as not really important for any aspect of the game.
  • I finally finished descriptions of the Cognition Cards - you can view them as the Tarot of Pain.
  • The game contains descriptions of 14 Sects (or not-so-secret societies). I've added table with the names of 20 more of them. There is no such thing as too many random tables and lists!
  • Random buildings and chambers of the City.
  • 100 random trophies!
  • Finished descriptions of the most important individuals of the City.
  • Finished descriptions of both the Gods of Pain and the Lesser Beings. They are a really important part of the lore, so I'm happy I finally fleshed them out.
  • I started working on some maps.


  • Magic
  • Relics and Artifacts
  • Monsters (5/20 are ready)
  • Starting equipment for character classes (6/15 already done)
  • Filling the remaining gaps in  the descriptions
  • Probably something really important that I forgot to mention!

Plus dozens of maps and over 100 illustrations.

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